Micah Brinkley
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Hey, I’m Micah & I’ve accomplished thee most amazing personal & professional successes AFTER, I had children. I’m focused & that focus allowed me to obtain 2 degrees in 3 years, work full-time, start & maintain a personal development/improved mindset journey as well as decide & take action to start this business.

So, even as a mother, I took all my skills and abilities to quiet a chaotic mind, gain a clear head and I organized my thoughts, feelings & ideas, as well as created a strategic plan to set and accomplish MY goals. With all of that, I decided it would only be right to help other women, moms & wives do the same.

Via social media, live group sessions, virtual 1:1 consulting, e-books & e-journals, I am able to help hundreds of women get back to themselves & their dreams & goals.

Motherhood can bring A LOT of stress & uncertainty. If you allow it to, it can rob you of your confidence & clarity. It takes help sometimes to be able to find your way through the darkness, because lets be real, parenting is not always pretty & you’re not always sure which way is up.

My goal is to provide a clear head & strategies that help other moms discover what they want most from life even with a full plate. My goal is to help women dream again but to also provide strategies to turn those dreams into accomplishments!

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From One Focused Woman To Another, Your Dreams Are Worth Your Effort!