Hey I’m Micah!

CEO of MB International Company.

Over the last 3 years I’ve been helping women who want more, gain clarity and take intentional actions that will help improve their lives.

I don’t sell quick progress or instant results because I know first hand that does not exist. I am a wife & mom of 3 and I have fallen off track more times than I care to admit. However, I believe more than anything in getting up after every fall and starting over until you master one thing at a time.

Of course we all want the big picture, to check off all of our goals as accomplished and to live the lavish lifestyle we see on social media and television. The truth is the big picture has to be broken down into smaller pictures and smaller tasks. Then one has to be willing to create the plan and do the work.

I’ve learned over the last three years that the biggest barrier to changing ones life, is knowing what they want to change. Most people have a blurred vision, and that is if they have a vision at all.

I’ve created a space where women can bring into reality the life of their dreams by learning strategies & habits that will help them first SEE the VISION & then CREATE a plan to succeed bit by bit.

If you’re truly ready to make progress, then let’s get going.

FIRST, join my tribe & grab your freebie that will get you started with the first step in changing your life.