What Will "Your Success" Require?

Its 11 pm on a Thursday evening and I am determined to complete every item on my checklist for today. I have to prioritize my “to-do’s” & my “don’t do’s” because if I don’t prioritize each day, nothing will get done. I tend to do things I’m good at over and over because I know I’ll succeed at them. Things like cleaning my house on repeat… there is a day for cleaning so I have to put that on my “don’t do” list most other days so I can tackle tasks that don’t necessarily come with an easy button.

My personal definition of success requires massive sacrifice currently. It’s going to mean lots of late nights and early mornings working to grow this business into the vision I see it as in my head.

I’m sure you have a vision or a dream that you’d like to achieve. What is it? Have you considered what it will require of you to succeed? Have you written it out? Have you allowed yourself to really dream without limitations?

We all have dreams & goals but without the proper foundation work, it is going to be really hard to truly succeed. How long have you had this dream? How often do you find yourself lost in a daze thinking of how awesome you’d feel “If” you could just get “there”?

Well the truth remains that your dream or vision cannot happen without goals and your goals cannot be accomplished without work. The entire process is work too, from knowing exactly what you want to making the want a reality & everything in between.

If you truly want to succeed, what will it require of you?

Until Next Week.