Are You An 8%er?

How are you doing with sticking to all those goals you “said” you were going to achieve this year? Are you still being consistent and approaching the finish to one of your goals?

Science says that only 8% of people are successful at actually doing what they plan to do. Eight percent is such a small number when you think of all the people in the world. How is it that only 8% have figured out what it takes to be successful?

There are specific, very specific things, actions that go into achieving goals, they are not accomplished by wishing. Are you setting yourself up for success by doing the following specific actions?

  1. Have a clear vision of the end result

  2. Complete daily habits that will keep you consistent

  3. Have a very specific, detailed goal. (Fluffy goals don’t lead to success)

  4. Don’t multitask, focus on one goal at a time.

  5. Make sure you have a support system in place (hire a coach or mentor)

  6. Work smart, not hard.

These are just some of the habits that could help catapult you to see results with your goals. Which one of these habits do you struggle with or may need assistance with?

If you struggle with getting clear about your end result and staying on track to accomplish your goals, then we should definitely chat.

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♥ Micah