New Year Factual, New You To Be Determined.

I absolutely love starting over, matter of fact I have many times throughout many years. I learned a while ago that I don’t have to wait until January 1st to scrap a plan & begin again. I will admit there is something refreshing and renewing about a New Year though.

Its always great how the end of a year rolls around and all of the contemplation starts about where you are or are not & pretty much what went wrong & what you are determined to do & become differently next year. The intention is there, the feeling of being sick & tired of the same results is strong & you are ready to blast off into the New Year, New Me Universe.

Except, you’re not really ready at all.

What was actual the plan?

What was the clear vision?

How did it feel when you sat and drifted into euphoria thinking long and hard about the end results of this “new you”?

What was the work going to entail?

When was the achievement date for this supposed to be?

How are you doing so far with your commitment, to yourself?

The truth of the matter is Clarity & Vision is only about 2.5 to 3 % of achieving a goal. Having a plan with actual step by step guideline or strategies, hmm maybe about 15%. The real chunk of the goal achievement journey is taking action 82% of the time during your attempt to better yourself.

And that is where most people fail within the first week or two of the New Year, New Me theme. This is why I say you have to focus on doing something everyday to ensure you are moving (action) towards your major goal. Whatever that may be, you have to keep yourself focused on the what & why, and actually move in ways that will take you there.

The journey will probably not look exactly the way you think it should, or on your time frame, but that doesn’t mean that your actions don’t matter. If you never ACT to change the habits that aren’t serving you, then you'll never be able to say, YES, New Year, New Me!

I know it sounds fluffy when people say “Just believe in yourself” but I promise you it makes a difference. When you know WHY (the reason you have set the goal) you want something so bad, you are able to commit to the required actions to get that WHY. When you begin to move, things will begin to move in your favor.

Take some time to think about where you are on your journey & whether or not your actions are contributing towards your success. Do it right now, no need to wait or put another ACTION off that can help you right now.

Until the Next Time