The Secret To Succeeding (At Any Goal You Set)

Guess What?

Its Friday afternoon at 3:45 pm and I am just writing this post, usually I write my post on Thursday evening and announce to my mailing list and social media that its been posted Friday morning, Well, I forgot… and when I remembered that I set a goal to write a blog post for release every Friday, I immediately took action. (It wasn’t forced, I didn’t even second guess the nudge) I put my 2 month old down in his swing, I gave my 2 year old something to entertain herself for a while and I went to work.

That is what successfully accomplishing any goal requires, taking immediate action sometimes even when you don’t feel like it, but you are nudged to do something you “said” you “wanted” to accomplish. While you may not feel like it now, when you think about missing your goal you’ll feel worse. We often mask those missed marks towards our goals with b.s. and jokes about ourselves that don’t help. (Things like oh well, or it is what it is, or I’ll always be broke anyway or totally ignoring the transformation you really want to make)

Now lately I’ve been refusing to force myself to act, I’ve been more in a mental & spiritual space of taking action when I feel lead or when it feels genuine and not forced. I believe that goals require force at times and at others you can just flow and still be successful.

Let me explain myself better. When you (1) get really clear about what you want to accomplish and why, then (2) you set a goal with a date and you create a plan for each day, week, month etc; some days other things are going to come up and you’ll have a decision to make. You can say “f” it and drop the step for that day and pick up tomorrow or you can push (force) yourself to take action that day regardless and continue on your journey. Now if taking action that day brings more stress than enjoyment or excitement for bigger picture than maybe you shouldn’t force action that day.

But if your only excuse for not acting is because you just don’t feel like it and you have done nothing else all day and have nothing else to do… then I believe that reminder is your gentle nudge to follow through and keep your word to yourself. Also if your track record is to never go back to working on that goal because you struggle with follow through and consistency then maybe you should consider seeking help.

Ultimately the secret to success with goals is Y-O-U. You have to keep going everyday, step by step, one learned lesson at a time until you succeed. It takes patience and determination, but if you always allow “other” things to take precedent over your goals to change your life… then your life is right now what it will always be.

Make a decision and be relentless.

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