MICAH BRINKLEY: Clarity Guide & Goal Strategist
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S.L.A.Y. (Speak Life & Amplify Yourself) SESSIONS are group events that were created to support women in improving their mindset & defining in detail their dreams & goals. The lessons are taught on the foundation of self-awareness & accepting where you are based on the words you’ve spoken & speak & how you have created your current reality. Everything begins as a thought & then becomes words & those words become the life you have today. So we encourage Speaking Life to Accelerate Yourself to where you desire to be. When women come together in a positive & uplifting environment filled with love & trust the outcome is amazing. Every session is filled with tons of real information that helps everyone in attendance to discover where they are currently, what they truly want out of life or what they want to change & how to pursue it. Everyone needs a support system, especially when you are a big dreamer! Lets gain Clarity and Dream Together! We Support You!

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